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su_diy_sales was created as a sister community for sewunderground. This is the place for members of SU to post thier auctions, site updates and selling journal updates.


1)This is a selling community, the only posts allowed are ads for your auctions/website/selling journal. If you have questions about ebay, sewing or anything else, please post them in sewunderground rather than here.

2)Please keep your images at 450X450 pixels max. Larger images should go under a cut. If you have more than one picture, please put the rest under a cut. This is the cut tag (copy & paste and remove the *'s): <*LJ-CUT*> your images and text here <*/LJ-CUT*>

3)For websites and selling journals: please only post when you've added new items.

4)The items you advertise must be for clothing/accessories handmade/altered by either you or someone else only. No big labels, no un-altered vintage items.

5)You can only post auction ads once a week in one post and they must follow the size restriction.

6)No drama.

Your moderators are: luxdilemma and saabisu. Show us what you got!